Who We Are

About the Woven Wire Products Association

The Woven Wire Products Association (WWPA) was established in 1942 as a professional association representing manufacturers of diamond woven wire mesh products. WWPA members emphasize high quality workmanship and ethical business standards and produce woven wire products for institutional, industrial and architectural applications.

The association promotes its active member firms and their products, and offers a forum for the exchange of management and technical information at semi-annual and annual conventions and meetings. Membership is open to persons, partnerships, or corporations involved in the manufacturing of diamond woven wire mesh products and those firms that supply materials and services to the manufactures of diamond woven wire mesh products.


Woven wire can be used in a wide variety of industrial, institutional and decorative purposes, including:

  • Partitions
  • Window guards
  • Hand-rail insert panels
  • Robotic and Machine Guarding
  • Lift and Elevator Enclosures
  • Elevated Work Platform Enclosures
  • Colocation and Data Center Cages
  • Cages for stadiums, arena, concert halls, theaters, amusement parks, law enforcement facilities, factories, zoos, air conditioning/heating holding areas
  • Door guards and decorative insets for office, restaurant and bar doors
  • Detention cell fronts
  • Tool cribs
  • Stairway partitions
  • Stock bins
  • Lockers