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STAMPED for quality work-manship and ethical business standards, woven wire mesh products are designed for institutional, industrial and even architectural applications.

Woven Wire… an essential part of almost every industry. The first woven wire fence was developed in 1889 and woven wire has become a staple in business and industry over the past 125 years.

From its many applications to its quick and simple installation, Woven wire products are cost effective, they include storage lockers and computer cages to barriers, enclosures and partitions, as well as protect valuable assets and inventory.

Why Woven Wire?

Woven wire products are cost effective. By producing a woven wire mesh at higher volumes, WWPA members are able to pass the savings along to you.

The open diamond mesh pattern also allows for proper ventilation and visibility. The interwoven design not onlyprovides additional strength, but this design has been an industry standard for 60 + years.

Advantages of Woven Wire

  • Secure
  • Flexible
  • Tough
  • Efficient

Benefits of Woven Wire Architects, contractors, engineers and developers have come to rely on high quality woven wire with its many benefits, including:

  • Protects valuable assets and inventory
  • Offers enhanced visibility and ventilation
  • Used in a variety of unique applications
  • Strong, durable and impact resistant
  • Easy to install