Ventilation – Offering the largest percentage of open area for maximum ventilation.
Lighting – Better diffusion makes more light available.
Strength – Woven wire products are double crimped, securely interwoven and clinched on drawn metal frames, creating a strong, durable and stable product. The geometry of triangulation makes this a reliable and long-lasting material.
Value – Our special manufacturing process allows for less waste and more efficient manufacture, making woven wire a low cost option.
Vision – Clear visibility is available from any position.
Fire – Woven wire offers a clear stream for hose spraying and is a fireproof material.
Circulation – Achieve a maximum circulation of heating and air conditioning.
Sound – The open mesh format means no interference.
Cleaning – Easy to keep clean and maintain.
Diversity of sizes and meshes – available to meet any requirement.

Advantages and Benefits

Security – Heavy-duty gauge woven wire construction offers enhanced visibility and ventilation while protecting valuable assets and inventory.
Safety – Open mesh allows for unrestricted air flow and fire prevention, helps prevent injuries and accidents, and protect equipment.
Flexibility – Can be used in a variety of industrial, institutional, decorative and unique applications.
Strength and Durability – Interwoven and clinched wire mesh.is tough, strong and stable.
Easy installation – Modular panel construction allows for convenient, quick and simple installation, with no training required.
Impact resistant – Woven design allows for maximum impact resistance..
Efficiency – Open wall design provides visual security.
Affordability – The open mesh format means no interference.
Cleaning – Quicker processes mean better pricing.
Custom-made – Designed to fulfill your specific applications.